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Description of Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager

Join over 190 million players worldwide to become a top soccer manager with the unbeatable excitement of Top Eleven! Build your club from scratch and control every aspect of your team - Create your own strategies and formations and take on Mourinho, your friends and millions of other Top Eleven managers on a daily basis.

Begin your journey as a soccer manager today!

Name your club and build it from the ground up. In Top Eleven you have the opportunity to control every aspect of your club, from training sessions, transfers, squad selection, formation set-ups, club finances and kit designs. In this free multiplayer game you can join forces and compete against friends or test and improve your skills while playing against other managers from around the globe. Choose official jerseys and emblems from the Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS, the legendary Champions League and many more soccer leagues.

There are players that have managed their clubs for over 8 years and have won successive League, Cup and Champions League titles! Can you beat them?

Play Top Eleven and experience all the excitement of building a really great soccer club from scratch

★ Build and develop your stadium with all surrounding facilities.
★ Scout & sign the best players in the live transfer market.
★ Design your own training sessions to improve your players.
★ Master your team’s tactics and formations.
★ Challenge other soccer managers daily in competitions and friendlies.
★ Give your team instructions and influence the result in the best live-match experience for a soccer manager.
★ Compete in the League, Cup and Champions League.

Top Eleven is translated into 31 different languages!
For any issues or suggestions regarding the game, simply contact us at:

Our team offers support in 8 languages.

Privacy Policy: http://www.topeleven.com/privacy-facebook/
Terms of Service: http://www.topeleven.com/terms-facebook/

Version history Top Eleven
New in Top Eleven 7.6
We are preparing the next competition to test your international squad, but you can strengthen your National Team ahead of the next challenge with this brand-new feature! Play fixtures, collect country stickers and complete album pages to earn tokens and you can add new International players to your team! More details in-game soon!
New in Top Eleven 7.4
Get ready for 2 brand new challenges to sink your teeth into.
- Here comes the Top Assists challenge which we created based on your feedback! Can your players top the Leaderboards in the League to earn great rewards?
- Shortly after that comes our newest summer challenge! You better get your sunscreen ready because you’ll be playing on a sand pitch! Be ready to take on other Managers in a PvP competition. Stay tuned!
New in Top Eleven 7.3
Get your squad ready because you’re about to compete against the best of the best! Introducing the new Beat the World Champions event! Get ready to tackle the top national teams in the world and collect awesome rewards along the way!
New in Top Eleven 7.2.2
This version brings great improvements:
- Some bugs have been fixed
New in Top Eleven 7.2.1
This version brings great improvements:
- Some bugs have been fixed
New in Top Eleven 7.2
New in this update!
- Improved support for International Cup trophies
- Rewards have been upgraded for the next International Cup
- Improved International Cup Scouting Network packages
New in Top Eleven 7.1
In this release we have added some new features to the related International Cup
- A personal trainer for your National team. You can find them on the National team player screen.
- Stats of your National team players
- Small bug fixes and improvements
New in Top Eleven 7.0
In Top Eleven you will be able to lead your National team in the upcoming International Cup! In this new feature, you will assemble and manage a second team, which has already qualified for the main tournament. In the Preparation Phase, you get one player for your National team after each victory. Once that phase is over, the International Cup will kick off and you’ll compete against other Managers’ National teams for a chance to win the special trophy and great rewards!
New in Top Eleven 6.8
Hi Managers!
Top Eleven’s 8th birthday is just around the corner, and in this release we’ve added support for a very special event. Celebrate this special moment with us and don’t miss great rewards! Stay tuned for more info in-game.
This update also brings minor bug fixes.
New in Top Eleven 6.7.1
The latest version brings some technical improvements and minor bug fixes.
New in Top Eleven 6.6
This release brings exciting news to our Managers:- Added support for a new challenge! Get your top scorers ready and keep an eye on the game for more info.- Improved some functionalities and added new widgets to the Formation screen. These include: indicators for player roles on the pitch, special ability indicators on Set Piece Takers, and more!
New in Top Eleven 6.5
This release brings exciting news to our Managers:- In this time-limited feature, your Assistant Managers will offer each day specific offers for new players that can help you in the upcoming match!
New in Top Eleven 6.4
In this first update of the year, we bring news to our Managers:- Added support for a new challenge! Managers will hit the road with their Squads through Germany! In each city, they will have a chance to win exclusive rewards and unlock special offers.
New in Top Eleven 6.3
This release brings small improvements and bug fixes:- Added "Save" button to Live Match- Added the option to select five penalty takers.- Support for New Year surprises- Other small fixes
New in Top Eleven 6.2
This release brings exciting news to our Managers:- Celebrate Top Eleven's 100th season with us! We've added support for a new challenge in which each goal from official competitions will help you earn exclusive rewards.- Watch out for special New Year surprises!
New in Top Eleven 6.1
With this update we are introducing a new challenge, the UK Tour!- Added support for the new challenge. Managers will tour with their squad through different cities in the United Kingdom, and in each city they will have a chance to win exclusive rewards and unlock special offers- Formation changes will be properly updated in Match Preview- Fixed bugs related to Live Matches
New in Top Eleven 6.0
Welcome to Top Eleven 2018! It comes with great updates:- A New Formation screen that gives you more control than ever! You have freedom to find the perfect formation for your squad and place your players exactly where you want. You also can compare your setup with your opponent's in a single view.- Updated in-game music, icons and loading screen.
New in Top Eleven 5.9.1
This version brings support to a new challenge in the game. Get all your players ready, because every single goal matters in this next event. More info about the rules will be available in-game soon!
New in Top Eleven 5.8
This version brings great improvements:- Players sold at auction remain listed until they're sold, but Managers can cancel sales- Players listed at auction display their stats- All finished auctions are listed under a drop-down menu- Additional bug fixes
New in Top Eleven 5.7
This version brings some news and bug fixes:- Support for a new time-limited challenge that will take place over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!- Added an indicator for the special ability to the auction list.- Fixed a connection issue that occurred when Managers tried to sell their players.- Fixed the issue that caused some Managers to be unable to invite their Facebook friends to the game.
New in Top Eleven 5.6
Based on your feedback, this update brings a completely redesigned auction system! With the new Auctions, waiting time has been decreased, you'll have more players to bid on, and only spend Tokens and cash if you win!
New in Top Eleven 5.5
The latest version brings some technical improvements and minor bug fixes.
New in Top Eleven 5.4
This version brings some small fixes and great improvements to our Managers, including:- Reconnection without restarting the game- Improvements in Arabic- Improved experience when watching video ads
New in Top Eleven 5.3
This version brings great improvements, including:- Your Squad will be greater than ever, with 25 players on signed contracts- Rules for healing loaned players in Associations are updated- More FPS on some devices and less battery consumption on othersAnd many bugs have been fixed, all thanks to your feedback!
New in Top Eleven 5.2
Festive greetings, Managers! New to this release:- New login rewards: New weekly sponsor deal! Get increasingly better rewards as boosters, Tokens and cash (plus bonus rewards) every day!- Some Managers can now buy official jerseys and emblems with real money on their mobile devices (feature being tested).- For under-manned clubs, the system now takes into consideration your tactics when adding new players.- Video offers are available from the player screen when you rest or boost a player.
New in Top Eleven 5.14
This latest version brings great news for our Managers:-The return of club history: Visit the Club menu to see your Season and All-Time history, including biggest win, all-time top goalscorer and more.-Added a new limited-time feature: Scouting Network! Hire a talented scout to find new players for your club! This feature will last for 6 weeks.-Bigger Squad Size: Squad sizes have been increased from 25 to 28 players.-A brand new Nordeus logo will greet you when loading the game!
New in Top Eleven 5.12
This version brings great news to our Managers:- Added support for a new challenge. Your young players will help you to compete for Tokens!
New in Top Eleven 5.11
This version brings great news and improvements:- Added a new challenge featuring Mourinho. Get ready to defeat him and compete for tokens!- Added a confirmation step when refreshing the scout list.
New in Top Eleven 5.10
This version brings significant improvements and bug fixes:- The scout list is now refreshed more often during the season! Plus, we've included an option to immediately refresh the list- Improved the experience when Managers skip videos- Fixed issues with friendly match reports and notifications
New in Top Eleven 5.1.1
This new version introduces the following awesome improvements and bug fixes:- New Managers will experience an updated tutorial sequence, which provides better immersion into the Squad feature and Top Eleven Live Matches.- We've fixed the text wrapping issue from the last update that occurred in Chinese, Japanese and Thai.- We've fixed the log-in issue by making it faster and now it works as intended.
New in Top Eleven 5.1
This version brings great news and improvements as:- Youth Academy players (U-21) now have better quality and cost less tokens.- Better user experience with a faster login, improved memory consumption and timely match notifications.And some fixes as:- Connectivity issues when sending thanks to supporters after the Live Match- Quality percentage of the players.- Visual issues on Club Shop, League and Association menus.
New in Top Eleven 5.0.1
Welcome to TOP ELEVEN 2017! Enjoy new game assets, in-game music and don't miss the first ever Super League tournament!We have fixed graphical glitches on some devices.
New in Top Eleven 5.0
Welcome to TOP ELEVEN 2017! Enjoy new game assets, in-game music and don't miss the first ever Super League tournament!Note: the amount of teams in the Cup competition has been reduced to 64 teams.We have also added improvements:- Improved Arabic fonts- Fixed the issue some Managers experienced when trying to join Association matches- Fixed the issue that caused the live match animation not to run on some occasions- Fixed the text truncations in the Assistant Report
New in Top Eleven 4.3
Your Assistant has more feedback and tips for you, Manager! The new Assistant Report feature is now live on your Home screen. Keep up to date with all the latest information on your club in one place!And this release also brings the fix to the issue during Live Match when "save" button was not displayed when changing tactics.
New in Top Eleven 4.2
This release brings the first important change towards the implementation of a new competition in Top Eleven: From next season the first 8 clubs in the League will be promoted to the next level, and clubs in 5th to 8th position in the League will take part in this new challenge.We have also fixed an issue in Direct Transfer that occurred when a Manager tried to make an offer for a player.
New in Top Eleven 4.1.5
With this update we fixed various smaller bugs!
New in Top Eleven 4.1.4
With this update we fixed various smaller bugs!
New in Top Eleven 4.1.2
With this update we fixed various smaller bugs!
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